If there is one word that defines the Robert Wiedmaier Restaurant Group, a diverse group of eight establishments that spans the gamut from fine dining to pub grub with live music, it is hospitality.

Hospitality is the bedrock of our approach at every level, the core of our values in an industry that is ever in flux and, more and more, in thrall to fad and fashion.

Hospitality is timeless. It is what the very first restaurants endeavored to give to their road-weary guests: restoration; a refreshment of body and spirit.

Whether you are a regular at one of our restaurants or just discovering us for the first time, we strive to send you away feeling lighter, and better, than you did when you walked in. Feeling as if you have been taken care of by good friends.

And that philosophy doesn't just extend to those restaurants that you most think of when you are in need of a special place to go for a birthday or anniversary, or when you want to take a client. To Marcels, our flagship in Foggy Bottom, an elegant love letter to the glories of classic French cooking that consistently stands atop the various best-of lists in the nation's capital (including a top 5 rating from Open Table). To Michelin-starred Siren, in Logan Circle, a seafood emporium featuring the finest fish and shellfish sourced from around the globe. To Brasserie Beck, a lively and evocative destination on the edge of Penn Quarter, where locals and travelers alike flock for superlative charcuterie, towering seafood platters, and the area's most comprehensive selection of Belgian beers, including, Antigoon, brewed exclusively for Chef Wiedmaier.

This emphasis on superlative hospitality extends, too, to our more casual restaurants in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs. To our two locations of Mussel Bar and Grille, in Bethesda and Arlington, the premier destinations in the region for mussels and beer, modeled after the haunts that chef Wiedmaier used to frequent in Brussels with his fellow cooks. To Wildwood Kitchen, a neighborhood bistro in Bethesda where the focus is on lighter, more healthful preparations (all dishes are free of butter and cream) of classic Mediterranean cooking. To Lock 72 in Potomac, which delivers simple sophistication in a relaxed, drop-in setting. Even to Villain & Saint in Bethesda, a venue for the best live music in the region, where, we are proud to say, the pub grub is as good as the authentic sounds coming from the stage.

Whenever and wherever you join us, we look forward to seeing you, and making your time with us memorable and delicious.