At Siren by RW within The Darcy hotel, the dining room has a jaunty nautical air, and the menu is driven by the whims of wind and currents
as they affect the availability of the world's most delectable seafood. As an avid fisherman, Wiedmaier is reeling in the kinds of trophy fish that deserve that sacred spot on the living room wall. Each day's catch will inspire its own preparation method in the hands of seasoned chef Robert Wiedmaier, Brian McBride, his corporate chef and partner and Executive Chef John Critchley.

From open waters to open skies and fields, the menu is prepared according to the conviction that artful flavors and presentation should entice the palate and please the senses. Seafood is the main event at Siren and the small, constantly evolving menu allows for a free diver in Bangor, Maine, for example, to send down to DC the ten sea urchins he brought up that morning: ten fortunate guests will enjoy them, and then it's over until the next windf-all from the sea. The deliberate choice to work with a select few of the finest ingredients ensures that quality will never give way to quantity.

The kitchen is nimble, with a pantry of house-made ingredients ready and waiting, from preserved lemons and limes, to air dried beef to salted fish, all to best enhance the marine delicacy that will arrive any given day. Raw bar offerings, chilled poached seafood, piquant ceviches, and exquisite
tastes of sashimi, are prepared from displays in the open presentation kitchen. Cocktails reflect the spirit of the exotic spice and rum trade. A comprehensive wine list provides ideal pairings for the ever-shifting menu, as well as excellent stand-alone choices. Siren's interior has the rich,mysterious color of the deep, brightened by the brass-trimmed allure of a polished captain's quarters. Vintage seafaring tattoo designs and murals of mermaids introduce a playful risqué note, and many an even ing, the strains of live jazz waft throughout the restaurant, as seductive as the song of the Siren. Open nightly for dinner and Saturday and Sunday brunch.

Siren by RW opened in 2017 and was designed by Streetsense

Siren by RW
1515 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20005
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